Ever thought of making some colorful banners for your castle or just wanted to decorate your shield? If you have a banner and some dye, then that’s possible. All you will need for the banner is six Wool and a Stick. For decorating the banner, just use a Banner and some Dye.


  1. On a crafting table, put the banner anywhere you want, as long as it doesen’t get in the way of the dye.

  2. Put the dye in any way you want, as long as every time you craft, you use only one color like this: put only red dye in a line; this will make a line appear on the banner when you craft, then you can put another line, but only use one color.

  3. Keep decorating until the banner looks like the way you want it. You can also use Bricks, Vines, Golden Apple, Wither Skeleton Skull, Creeper Head, Oxeye Daisy. To make a copy I think you will need another Banner. Always use dye!

Now to try it out! Place the banner on a wall or on the floor. You can also craft banners with colored wool to change the background color of the banner. You can also walk through banner and so can other mobs. You can also make a banner that looks like its telling you not to go somewhere; it has a big red X.