Elytra Boost

You may know how fast you can go with an elytra, but have you ever imagined going faster than a boat on ice? Well, all you will need is an Elytra, and some Fireworks.


  1. Put on the elytra

  2. Craft some fireworks with Gunpowder and Paper.

Now to try it out! Wear your elytra and press the Space key while falling. Face forward after you press Space, place a firework, and then… WOOSH!!! You SLICE through the air at an incredible speed! It’s pretty fun, but if your elytra breaks and you are flying in Survival mode when it does, you’d better find some water quick before you plummet to your doom.

PS: If you are fighting the Ender Dragon and you need to chase it, this trick could be very useful!

PPS: If you want to learn how to get some End items, like the Elytra, check out this post Getting End Items!