Sometimes you might feel alone in Minecraft without anybody to play with you, or keep you company besides sheep and cows and pigs and chickens. But fortunately, it’s possible to have a pet or two with you. There’s Parrots, Horses, Dogs, and Cats.

How to tame:

Parrots: Seeds.

Horses: Ride on them until you see hearts.

Dogs: Bones.

Cats: Raw Fish.

Pet characteristics:

Parrots: Parrots are only found in the jungle. They are very rare, so be careful where you swing your sword. They don’t have much health, but they can make many different sounds in the game. If you can get some distance between you and the parrot, you can get it to sit on your shoulder! One parrot can sit on each shoulder, and to get them off, just jump, or fall down one block. Name them with nametags, and right-click them to make them sit, and right-click them again to male them stand. If they are far from you, they will teleport to you. They cannot be fed when tamed.

Horses: You can ride on horses, some have lots of health, some can jump very high, and others are faster. Some horses have two of the stats, while other horses might have all. They can wear armor and saddles, while donkeys can’t wear armor but can wear a chest. Right-click the horse to put on the saddle, armor, or chest. Horses don’t wear normal armor, but they wear horse armor. Find it in chests in dungeons or temples or nether fortresses or any other place that contains the armor. Name them with nametags. They can always be fed.

Dogs: To get dogs, go somewhere that has wolves, such as the taiga biome or the cold taiga biome. After the wolf is tamed, it gets a red collar and it is now your pet dog. Right-click the dog to make it sit, and right-click it again to make it stand. Use dye to dye its collar, and nametags will give it a name. Wolves will fight any mob that attacks you and any mob that you attack. They do not fight creepers and will run away from a creeper that has started to detonate. They can be fed, and if they are hurt their tail droops down, so it’s time to feed them.

Cats: Find these in the jungle. They do not take fall damage. They can be named. You can make them sit or stand. They make those cute little cat sounds. Cats will scare away creepers, although they don’t attack them. Wild ocelots will automaticly attack chickens and will run away from you if you startle them. Tame them when they are slowly walking towards you, but if you make any sudden movements, they will run, so carefuly move toward them while holding Shift. They can be fed and named.