TNT Minecart Bomber

If there is a bunch of hostile mobs like Zombies, Creepers, or Endermen that are surrounding your house or blocking the entrance, you might want to kill them all in one hit. You might think that’s impossible without commands, but with a bit of TNT you might be able to do that. All you will need is a TNT Minecart, some Rails (if you want the minecart to go farther use Powered Rails), and a Redstone Torch. Oh, and of course a tower taller than 3 blocks.


TNT Minecart Bomber

  1. Build a tall tower, 3 blocks higher.

  2. On the tower you built, place the rails facing in the direction you want the minecart to go.

  3. If using Powered Rails, then place a Redstone Torch next to a rail.

  4. Place the minecart on a rail.

Now to try it out! Walk into the minecart to push it, causing the TNT in the minecart to crash and explode on all the mobs down there. If your house is not made of Obsidian… you’ll have a lot of repairs to do!

Well, it is fun to go around blowing stuff up, so maybe that makes up for the fact that you will have to fix everything that blew up. Have fun!