Total Solar Eclipse

I know this isn’t minecraft, but today, on August 21, 2017, I saw a total solar eclipse with my very own eyes! It was also my very first eclipse! And I did not have to go far! It happened at home! Man was I lucky! …and I also heard people outside.

What I saw:

  1. It looked like the moon was on white fire.

  2. The sun looked like a orange cookie that someone had taken a bite out of when I looked through my eclipse glasses.

  3. It got cooler.

  4. It got darker.

  5. I saw Venus and I think I saw Mercury.

  6. After and before totallity, I think I saw the diamond ring.

  7. There were shadowbands.

  8. There were little cresents on the floor.

  9. I think I saw Bailey’s Beads.

  10. All the cicadas stoped buzzing.