Chapter 1

Alex was cooking some steak. Steve had gone mining in the Extreme Hills biome looking for emeralds. “Steve’s chorus fruit farm has stopped working for the last few days, at least we solved the problem that kept them from growing,” Alex said, talking to herself.

A few days ago, Steve’s chorus fruit farm had mysteriously stopped working, so they had to harvest every single chorus flower and the trees, then started to rebuild the farm. They figured out the problem that day. It was because the Zombies had infected the plants, causing them to stop working.

Meanwhile, Steve was mining and thought to himself, “Tommorrow I’m opening the Jewel Shop. We could get lots of money,” (Gold Nuggets were the money).

A half hour later, Steve came back home. Alex had prepared Chicken, Potatoes, Mushroom Stew, some Milk–and for dessert–Cookies and Cake.

“This looks delicious, Alex!”

“Thanks, Steve! I really worked hard on this meal.” Alex served themselves some chicken and stew.

“Can you pass the potatoes, Alex?”


Steve commented, “Mmmm, this is really good milk,” as Alex served herself some more mushroom stew. Very soon everything was gone, except for the cake and cookies.

“Now for dessert,” Alex said. Steve brought out the cake and cookies, and they both started to eat.

Steve, speaking with his mouth full, said “We should save some of this for Bones and Apples,”. Bones was their dog and Apples was their cat. But before Alex could grab her last cookie, they heard something that sounded like 230 explosions.

“Whoa! What was that?!” Steve yelled, surprised by the explosion.

“I don’t know, but we’d better investigate,” Alex said, with a surprised face as well.

They both gasped in horror when they saw that Steve’s chorus fruit farm was destroyed. “Oh no! I worked so hard on that farm!” Steve said.

“Now we might not be able to escape an army of monsters when we run out!” added Alex.

Then Steve noticed something on the ground. “Gunpowder…” He looked around for any ghast tears but there were none. Besides, ghasts couldn’t just explode themselves for no reason like a creeper could.

“Creepers did this!” Steve exclaimed.

“You mean creepers blew up your farm?”

“I think so.”

Bones and Apples came out through a small trapdoor in a hole in the house and looked at the gunpowder. Apples hissed at the thought of creepers destroying Steve’s farm.

Bones wanted to avenge Steve’s farm and kill every creeper he found, but he knew that wouldn’t solve anything.

A creeper silently walked up to Bones and started to detonate.

“Bones! Move!” Steve screamed. Luckily, Bones was able to move at the right time before the creeper blew up.


“That was close,” Alex sighed after the creeper blew up.

A pile of gunpowder sat in the spot where the creeper had exploded. Apples started sniffing at the ground. The group followed Apples and her nose as Apples kept smelling that familiar scent.

When they reached the destination, Apples meowed at Bones to start digging. When they both reached stone, Alex and Steve took out their pickaxes and started mining. They were amazed by what they had found.