Chapter 3
Finding Home

“Are we lost?” Steve said.

“I think so,” Alex said.

“Apples, can you sniff the way back home?” Steve said.

Apples tried sniffing, and they ended up going around in circles.

Bones tried sniffing, but all he could smell was dirt and grass.

“This won’t work,” Steve said. “But maybe we could mine for redstone and iron, then we could make a compass to get home.”

Alex said “But first, we need to build a shelter so we can be safe.”.

Steve found some oak trees. He mined the wood and made a crafting table. He made tools out of wood while Alex crafted a small shelter.

“Ugh, this rain! I wish i had my rainhat on!” Steve said, annoyed by the rain.

“Don’t worry, we won’t have to be soaked by the rain after the shelter is finished.” Alex said.

Soon their tummies were grumbling.

“Ohhh, im sooo hungry! I wish we had a lifetime supply of carrots!” Steve said. “I know, im so hungry i could eat 20 whole watermelons!” Alex replied.

Alex spotted something red under the first tree that Steve mined here.

“Its an apple!” Alex said.

“But its only one.” Steve said.

“We can share it. You will have one half, and i will have the other half.” Alex said.

Steve said “Don’t forget about Bones and Apples, they need to be fed too, you know.”

“Then i’ll cut the apple into forths,” Alex replied.

Soon the apple was gone.

“My tummy is still rumbling, but not as much anymore.” Steve said.

“Mine too,” Alex said.

Bones barked and Apples meowed.

“Im tired…” Alex said.

“But we can’t sleep on the hard wood… i… don’t… like it… too… hard…” Steve said and yawned.

“too…. hard….. to sleep… on…….” Alex said before she closed her eyes. Steve did the same. Bones and Apples curled up and slept on the floor.

Even with Apples with them, they didn’t notice that a creeper had snuck into their shelter.


The next day, when they all woke up, they were surprised at what happened.

They were zooming over the clouds. But how?

Steve and Alex remembered hearing a explosion in their sleep.

“Maybe thats why we’re in the sky.” Steve said.

“Could be,” Alex replied.

“A beacon!” Steve exclaimed.

“Thats where home is!” Alex said.

But instead of landing home, the beacon was in a desert village.

“Ack! why is it suddenly getting so hot?!” Alex said.

“Phew, i think we landed in a desert.”


“Ugh, i don’t feel so good…” Steve said.

“Me neither…” Alex said.

Just then, a villager greeted them.

“Hi! My name is Butcher. Would you like to trade something for a bit of meat?”

Alex replied, “Ugh… By the way we are feeling now, i’d say a lot of meat.”

Butcher said, “Ok, then. 2 emeralds for 50 cooked chickens.”.

Steve gave him 2 emeralds and Butcher gave them the chicken.

“Oh wait, we haven’t even introduced ourselves yet.” Steve said.

“im Alex.” Alex said.

“Im Steve.” Steve said.

“This is Bones, our dog.” Steve said.

“And this is Apples, our cat.” Alex said.

“Hi, nice to meet you Steve, Alex, Bones and Apples.” Butcher said.

Butcher said “Its very wierd how you four could just fall from the sky onto our village,”.

Steve replied “It was a creeper who did that.”.

“A creeper?! They’ve been saying that creepers are blowing everything up in the Overworld!” Butcher said.

“But only on this server, if they spread the damage to other servers, this could have been a lot worse.” Steve said.

“Oh! Do you know anyone who trades comapsses?” Alex said.

“Sure, i think Cartographer does.” Butcher said.

Steve replied “Do you think its ok if we build a minecart tunnel leading from your village to our home?”

“Sure, as long as it helps you.” Butcher replied. He told everyone in the village about the minecart rail and took the group to Cartographer.