Chapter 4

“Sure, i have a compass. In fact, i have five stacks of them!” Cartographer said.

“Great, we’ll need just one of them.” Alex said.

“We will also need all the rails we can get,” Steve added. They started to mine down and then follow the compass and dig as the villagers placed rails behind them.

Then the compass started pointing backward.

“We are here!” Alex exclaimed.

They began to dig upward.

They all gasped in extreme horror.

“Our home!!!” Steve said, “Its gone!!!”.

“We worked way harder on that!” Alex said.

They both fainted.

“Oh no! What happened to their home?” one of the villagers said.

“Oh, will they be ok?’ another said.

“I hope so,”.

“We need to call Healer!”.

“But he’s back at the village! How are we ever going to get to him now?”

A villager pointed at the rails and held a minecart.

“I know what you’re thinking!”

The villagers took steve and Alex in the minecarts and took them to Healer while Bones and Apples waited.

“There he is!” a villager said after they reached the village.

“We should hurry up, the sun is setting.”

“Healer! We need you! Now!”

“Whats the proble- oooh, i see.” Healer said.

They went into Healer’s home.

“Hmm… They look like they fainted.”

“Do you think we should slap them?” a vllager suggested.

“But if we do, that dog of theirs is gonna kill us all!”.

“Maybe we can get help,” another villager suggested.

“We can build rails leading to other villages and see if they can help us!”.