Chapter 5
The Creeper Invasion

5 months have passed since Steve and Alex have fainted from the destruction of their castle, which was also their home.

Steve and Alex yawned.

“Uhhh… Alex?” Steve said.

“What is it?” Alex replied.

“I feel like we’ve been sleeping for the last few millineums,” Steve said.

“Hey, look Alex! A door!” Steve said.

Steve opened the door.

They were inside a enormus room, filled with iron clad villagers.

“I wonder whats going on,” Alex said.

Suddenly, some sort of redstone machine gave them hyper enchanted diamond gear and bow and a arrow, since the bow had the enchantment Infinity I.

“I think there is a battle going on out there,” Steve said.

The room was made out of stone bricks. It was daytime, and there were glass windows.

Bones and Apples apearred beside them.

“Bones!” Steve said.

“Apples!” Alex said.

“Oh, its so good to see you guys!” they both said.

The group walked out the front door.

Trillions and trillions of creepers were fighting against the villagers.

Butcher came and said “Steve! Alex! Its so good to see you again!”

“Hi, Butcher!” they both said.

The group found themselves facing a large wall with thousands of villagers firing arrows down at creepers.

“What happened?” Alex asked Butcher.

Butcher said “Millions of creepers started attacking, so we had to fight back.”

Bones knew this was the perfect time to avenge Steve’s chorus fruit farm.

Hundreds of other tamed wolves joined Bones and tore at the creepers.

They tried to detnonate, but Apples and other cats scared them enough to halt the detonation process.

Steve and Alex joined in battle as Butcher continued firing arrows at the mottled creatures.

Steve had an idea.

“Alex, are you thinking what im thinking?”.

Alex said “You have a plan don’t you?”

They went over the plan.

Steve shot a flaming arrow at a creeper. It started to detonate.

“Back everyone, Back!” Alex yelled.

“FOR MINECRAFT!” the villagers yelled.

Zillions and zillions and zillions of explosions boomed across the land.

Every single creeper in the fight was destroyed.

“We did it! Finally!” the villagers exclaimed.

The village crafter walked up to Steve and Alex and said “Steve, Alex, this castle is your new home.”

“Oh, thank you very much!” Alex said.

“Thank you, we really appreciate it!” Steve said.