Chapter 6

“Thanks for opening the Jewel Shop for me and giving us the money you got.” Steve said.

“Our pleasure,” The crafter said.

All the villagers brought food and drinks for the celebration.

“But why did you yell “FOR MINECRAFT!” after Steve blew up all the creepers?” Alex asked.

Butcher said “Because we battled the creepers for thirty months after you fainted.”.

They went into a large room made of gold.

“You mined all that gold to make this room? Just for us? Thank you!” Steve and Alex said.

Steve had an idea.

“I know! Lets take this party to the Gameknight999 Network!”

They took the digital road in their digital car and drove to the Gameknight999 Network.

“Lets go tooooo… Paintball!” Alex suggested.

They went in the Paintball portal.

Monkeypants_271 was there.

About 50 players were playing Paintball, including DJTennessee, NenaPump and Goxx.

They typed in chat.

“Hi Steve and Alex!” DJTennessee said.

“Monkeypants_271 is in Paintball!” Goxx added.

“Hi everyone!” NenaPump said.

They all played paintball while having drinks and snacks.

A user named MCLove123 took a cold drink, which was just a water bottle named on an anvil.

A MVP+ user named Pizzative got 6 breads.

A couple minuites later, Gameknight999 came on the server.

Everyone had fun till Gameknight and Monkeypants left.

“I think we’re done…” Steve said.

“We should head back to our own server.” Alex said.

They all said bye as Alex, Steve and the villagers left the server.

“That was fun.” Alex said.

“I want to do that again!” Steve said.


“What was that?” a villager said.

“I don’t know, but im sure the battle isn’t over yet.” another one said.

And they were right.