Chapter 7
Mystery Solved

“Hmmmmmmmm…….” he said again, this time for longer.

“I think now i know why.” he said.

“It’s because more creepers are being born into the hive and they eat coal to grow stronger.” Steve said.

“Oooohhh.” Alex said.

“I wondered, maybe we can get them to join our side.” Steve said.

“I think we can.” Alex said.

“Lets tell the villagers.” Steve suggested.

They went to the village.

“Hey everyone! We think we can get the creepers to join our side!” Alex said.

the bully laughed very hard.

“Ha ha ha ha ha! Your apples aren’t gone! I fed them to my dog, he’s still eating them!”.

He laughed again.

All the villagers stared angrilly at him.

A villager child who was fishing accedentally missed the fish that he fished out.

The fish smacked the bully in the face.

Everyone gasped. They knew what happened if you did something to a bully that he doesen’t like, like getting hit in the face by a fish, things woudn’t end well for you.

The bully grabed the child by the shirt.

“This is going to hurt.” the bully said.

“But i didn’t do anything to you!” the child said.

“Yes you did! You threw a fish at my face! A fish! At my face! at MY face!”

“But it was a accedent! I didn’t throw the fish at you on purpose! In fact, i didn’t throw a fish at all!’

“Well on purpose or an accedent, im going to hit you, and it’s going to hurt really bad.”

Just before the bully’s fist could punch into the child’s face, something wonderfull happened.