Getting End Items

This is a post of how to get to the End and get the items there. First you have to kill endermen for their Ender Pearls. Then craft those ender pearls with blaze powder to get a Eye of Ender. When you throw it, it will fly in the direction of a stronghold. If you are lucky, you will go through the right tunnel and find the end portal. Place the eyes of ender into the empty slots and then jump into the portal to travel to the End. There will be an ender dragon that you will have to defeat. It is really powerful… Good Luck!


End Stone: Use a pickaxe to mine it. It looks like cheese and it is the floor block of the End.

End Crystal: Craft with a Ghast Tear, an Eye of Ender, and 8 pieces of Glass. Use it to respawn the Ender Dragon.

Chorus Fruit and Flower: After defeating the Ender Dragon, look for a purpule beacon, and then throw an ender pearl into the portal block in between the bedrock. You will spawn on a Outer End Island with purple trees called Chorus Trees that you break to get Chorus Fruit, break the flowers to get Chorus Flowers. Chorus Flowers grow more chorus fruit, while chorus fruit teleports you when you eat it.

Purpur Block: It is purple, you find it at an End City, you mine it with a pickaxe, and it’s on an Outer End Island.

End Rod: It gives off a bright light, brighter than a torch. You will find it in a End City.

Elytra: At an End City, ender pearl to an End Ship. Two Shulkers will guard the Elytra. Defeat the shulkers and take the Elytra from the item frame. If you want to know how to do a cool trick with the Elytra, check out this post here Elytra Boost.

Ender Dragon Head: Find it at the front of a End Ship. Mine it with any tool, even with your hand. Don’t let it fall into the Void!

Dragon Breath: Eventualy, the Ender Dragon shoots a purple fire charge that explodes into purple particles when it hits something. The particles hurt you when you touch them but you can right-click the particles to get a bottle of Dragon Breath. Brew Dragon Breath with a Spash Potion for a Lingering Potion that creates a effect cloud when you throw it. Craft 8 arrows with a lingering potion for 8 Tipped Arrows.

Dragon Egg: Defeat the Ender Dragon to get its egg. Use a piston to break the egg and collect it, or click on the egg to make it teleport, then find a way to make it fall on a torch. Block off the portal before activating the piston to prevent the egg from falling in. So far there is no use for the egg but a trophy, and to summon a new dragon. Protect this egg with your life!

Jump into the end portal to exit the end, and you will respawn back where you last slept.

For more things to craft, click on the green book in your inventory, if you are in 1.12. The Recipe Book will really come in handy. Have Fun!