Chapter 8
Blue Steve


The bully was knocked backward.

The villagers gasped again.

The bully tried to fight back, but was caught in some sort of rope.

“Leave him alone!” the stranger said.

“But he hit me!” the bully said.

“Well its better if you don’t hit ANYBODY at all. In fact, i just called your mother.” the stranger said.

“You did?!” the bully said.

The bully’s mom came and opened the door when Blue Steve released the bully.

“To your room! Don’t try to hurt or bully anyone else again!” she said.

“Ok mom…” the bully replied.

The bully went to his room.

“Thank you, you saved me.” the child said.

“Your welcome. By the way, in case you haven’t known, my name is Blue Steve.” Blue Steve said.

“Hi, Blue Steve. Im Steve, This is Alex, Bones and Apples. Nice to meet you!” Steve said.

“Oh, and by the way, my sword is kinda fat, making it like a hammer.” Blue Steve said.

“Hey Blue Steve, do you think we can get the creepers to join our side?” Alex said.

Blue Steve scoffed.

“I think everything’s possible.” he said.

“Oh, do you want to see my house? Blue Steve asked.

“Sure.” Steve and Alex said.

“Oh, but i must warn you. My home is a abandoned mineshaft that we decorated a little, so you might get a bit lost.” Blue Steve said.

”“We”?” Steve said.

“I have a family, with my father zombie, skeleton mother, two spider kids, one girl, one boy, two cave spider babies, one girl, one boy and my pet bat, Flyglide.” Blue Steve said.

“That’s kind of a mouthful of words.” Alex said.

“I did have a lot to say.” Blue Steve replied.

They followed Blue Steve to his home.

“Wow! This is a very good place!” Alex said.

The place looked like a decorated mineshaft, with the paths leading to caves blocked, the whole place lit, every ore mined out, and signs pointing to rooms, and sometimes pointing to other signs.

They heard a zombie moan.

“Thats my father, he usually works with the anvil, enchanting and repairing swords and armor and all that repairable-and-enchantable-stuff-that-are-enchanted-without-commands stuff.” Blue Steve said.

“That’s kind of a mouthful of words.” Alex said again.

“And just in case the house gets invaded, there are 5 super-extremeley well hidden secret exits that are almost impossible to find for a newcomer.” Blue Steve said.

Blue Steve looked identical to Steve, exept it looked like Blue Steve had light blue swirls on the side of his face, kinda like tatoos.

“I like those swirls on your face, Blue Steve.” Alex said.

“Thanks, my family decided to paint my face so i don’t look exactly identical to Steve, who already exists.” Blue Steve said.

“Good thing we can tell who’s who, twin.” Steve said.

“We are twins?” Blue Steve said.

“Yeah, we were identical till your parents painted your face.” Steve said.

“Anyway, lets go mining so we have resources when we need to reform the creepers.” Blue Steve said.

Then the group went mining, while Blue steve told his family about the plan.