Chapter 2
The Creeper Hive

“Wow Alex! It’s a creeper hive!”

“Maybe there is treasure!”

Steve knew that creeper hives were made from thousands of connected underground tunnels and rooms.

Steve said “Wait Alex. There could be a million creepers down there. It would be very foolish to just go down with trillions of explosive monsters waiting to blow you up.”

The two, along with their pets, climbed down into the hole. Apples started to hiss.

“Oh no! Creepers are nearby!” Steve was right. Six creepers were walking down the tunnel they were in. “Quick, mine into the wall and wait for the creepers to pass,” he whispered quietly so the creepers would not hear him.

Steve waited ten seconds before daring to mine out of the wall. Unfortunately, ten seconds wasn’t enough time and Steve broke through too soon.

The creepers were looking right at them.

“We’ve been spotted!” Alex yelled. The creepers started to follow them, as more and more creepers heard the alarm and joined the army.

Alex said “I have an idea!” She pulled out some TNT and arrows and started crafting. When she was done, she handed Steve some arrows with TNT stuck in the shafts.

They both fired a single arrow, since the explosion would be enough to kill the whole army.


They had destroyed the creeper army but in the process, the explosion had woken up some silverfish. Bones barked at the swarm as Steve yelled, “Silverfish!” They attacked and destroyed some silverfish, but the swarm was too big and forced them into a different room. Unexpectedly, piles of gravel fell down on the swarm and the silverfish were suffocated.

“That was close. We weren’t even wearing armor!” Steve said.

“I know, but I just like how my normal clothes feel. I don’t like how the hard armor feels, although it can be very handy in battle.”

“Next time, we should bring some Blast Protection IV armor with us before entering creeper-infested areas.”

They started to look for a way out when they both gasped in surprise. “Treasure!” they shouted. They were standing in front of fifty large chests. But their good fortune was short-lived.

“Invaders!” a creeper yelled. Soon forty creepers trapped them in the treasure room.

Apples hissed. Thanks to her, the creepers backed away except for one that stood in front. Alex noticed something. The creeper was a charged creeper, with its explosion was twice as powerful as a normal one.

“Invaders are not allowed in here! Take any of that treasure and I will destroy you,” it warned them.

Alex took a peek in a chest. There were piles of enchanted diamond gear and some nametags. She mined out the chest and it and its loot popped into her inventory.

“That’s it!” the creeper said.

It started to detonate itself and jumped toward Alex. She hit it very hard with her sword and sent it flying toward the ceiling.


The charged creeper exploded and the ceiling started to fall apart.

“Quick! Take the loot and the chests!” Steve yelled.

They took the chests and their loot and pushed their way through the creepers. They tried to detonate but were crushed by the crumbling ceiling that collapsed on them.

“We should get all the gunpowder that the creepers dropped.”

They mined through the stone that buried the creepers and quickly collected all the gunpowder.

“This could be used for making TNT,” said Alex.

“We should head back home for bed,” Steve suggested.

They mined through the stone ceiling until they were on the surface. They were far from home and stranded on a grassy plain at nighttime during a rainstorm.